• Jojoba & Aloe Hand Cream

    The fusion of Jojoba and Aloe whispers a tale of hydration and tenderness,

    reminding you that self-care is a gift you truly deserve.

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  • Jojoba & Aloe Naturally Soft Hand Cream

    Envelop your hands in a story of softness and care with our e.fek.tiv beauty Jojoba + Aloe Naturally Soft Hand Cream.

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  • Tamanu & Argan Nourishing Body Cream

    Elevate your skincare ritual with our e.fek.tiv beauty Tamanu + Argan Nourishing Body Cream.

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  • Inula & Argan Max Shine Color Preserving Shampoo

    Step into a world of color brilliance with our e.fek.tiv beauty Inula + Argan Max Shine Color Preserving Shampoo.

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  • Aloe & Lavender Miracle Straightening Gel

    Turn your hair into a masterpiece of sleek perfection with our e.fek.tiv beauty Aloe + Lavender Miracle Straightening Gel.

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  • Moringa & Quinoa Miracle Smoothing Shine Spray

    Elevate & shine your hair to new heights with our e.fek.tiv beauty Moringa + Quinoa Miracle Smoothing Shine Spray.

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  • Paraben Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • Sulfate Free

About Us

In a world where beauty standards often feel unattainable and expectations can be overwhelming, e.fek.tiv beauty stands as a radiant beacon of authenticity and self- expression. Our brand is not just about ethical and pure beauty products; it's a testament to empowerment, confidence, and the celebration of your unique self.

At the heart of our commitment to genuine beauty lies a journey that spans the globe in search of the most active and potent ingredients. Meticulously sourced from the far reaches of the earth, each ingredient in our formulations is a result of an extensive exploration, driven by a passion for availing the power of nature.

  • Pure, Plant-Based, Natural

    Nature's beauty, in every product

  • No Nasty Clean Brand

    Pure, ethical beauty for confident users

  • Powerful Ingredients

    Radiant beauty, nature's power. Effective, authentic, results-driven

  • Mason, Denver

    The balm from them is like a warm hug for my skin. This is so travel friendly and is easier for me to carry at all times.

  • Natalie, Chicago

    Experiencing the Charcoal Burst Facial Cleanser is a skincare revelation! This cleanser sweeps away impurities like a pro. The Charcoal Powder and Seaweed infusion work wonders. It's my daily ritual for a Chicago glow!

  • Ella, San Antonio

    I am in love with the Inula Argan Color Preserving Conditioner from this brand! 💕 It's like a burst of freshness for my hair, preserving those vibrant hues effortlessly. I can't stop running my fingers through my hair.