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Charcoal Burst & Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser

Charcoal Burst & Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser

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Revel in the transformative power of nature with our e.fek.tiv beauty Charcoal Burst + Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser. This fusion of Charcoal and Seaweed... Read more

Revel in the transformative power of nature with our e.fek.tiv beauty Charcoal Burst + Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser. This fusion of Charcoal and Seaweed is a cleansing symphony that purifies your skin while inviting you to embrace a newfound freshness. 


  • Deep pore cleanser 
  • Exfoliating foam cleanser 
  • Cooling sensation 
  • Can be used for back blemishes 

V+C+P+S+G+Clean (Vegan, Cruelty free, paraben free, sulphate free, gluten free, & clean) 


  1. Revitalize and Purify

Crafted with Charcoal Powder from Pine Tree wood, this magical cleanser neutralizes breakouts, minimizes pores, and balances oily skin, leaving your complexion bright and refreshed. Dive into the purifying properties of seaweed, a calming ingredient that not only reduces inflammation but acts as a powerful antidote to the aftermath of over-exfoliation, ensuring your skin stays serene and balanced. 

  1. Beyond the Basics

The exfoliating foam action refines texture, unveiling a smoother complexion. Indulge in the invigorating cooling sensation, enhanced by Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Oil. This versatile formula isn't confined to the face – it's your solution for banishing back blemishes, making it a holistic approach to skincare. 

  1. Key Ingredients Demystified

Charcoal Powder, an absorptive wonder, detoxifies and exfoliates, refining pores and purifying your skin. Complementing this is Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Oil, an essential oil with purifying properties and a cool touch that rejuvenates your skin. Together, they create a harmonious blend that transforms your skincare routine into a revitalizing ritual. 

  1. How to Infuse Refreshment

This luxurious ritual is designed for both morning and evening use, ensuring your skin benefits from the rejuvenating effects of charcoal and the calming embrace of seaweed. 


How to use: Best face cleanser 

  1. Start by massaging a dime-sized amount onto a damp face, allowing the lather to work its magic.  
  2. Rinse clean with warm water to reveal a refreshed and purified complexion.  
  3. Integrate this ritual into your morning and evening routine to make the most of the dual power of e.fek.tiv beauty Charcoal Burst + Seaweed. Your skin deserves the care and attention that this facial cleanser provides. 
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      • Derived from Pine Tree wood, it's here to neutralize breakouts, shrink those pesky pores, banish excess oil, and unveil a brighter, refreshed you. Charcoal absorbs impurities, detoxifies, and exfoliates, leaving your skin feeling like a clean canvas.

      • Seaweed, the sea's gift to our cleanser, is no ordinary aquatic plant. In our formula, it acts as a thickening agent. Algin, derived from seaweed, is like a secret agent working behind the scenes. It's an emulsifier and a water -binding wizard, ensuring our cleanser is both effective and gentle on your skin.

      Purifying Facial Cleanser

      Immerse yourself in the transformative magic of nature with our Charcoal Burst + Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser.

      Deep Cleaning Delight

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      For All Genders

      Designed to meet all unique skincare needs, our face wash is perfect for everyone. It's a natural choice for oily and acne-prone skin, helping to prevent breakouts.

      Cooling Sensation

      Experience a refreshing g sensation as you cleanse. This face wash for oily skin provides a cool, awakening experience that invigorates your senses

      Gentle and Balancing

      Our exfoliating facial cleanser is a gentle giant, suitable even for sensitive skin. Enjoy the cleansing benefits without worrying about your skin losing its natural hydration.

      Best Face Cleanser

      Our facial cleanser defends against dryness, irritation, roughness, and tightness. It works in harmony with your skin's natural moisture barrier, leaving you with a clean and healthy complexion.